Giants’ Infield – Spring Training Update

This is an update on the options available to the Giants in terms of providing third base cover for Eduardo Nunez, whom I expected to be the Organisation's first choice for opening day.


Time to Panik?

Despite last year's Gold Glove there's no denying that 2016 was a bit of a let down in terms of Joe Panik's batting compared to his 2015 All-Star season. With the Giants stockpiling veteran infield utility I decided to look into how confident the organisation remains in Joe Panik.

Giants Third Base Options

When the Giants traded Matt Duffy I was a bit gutted. He was one of my favourite Giants players and I liked that he was understated, hardworking and homegrown. I understand they needed Matt Moore to shore up the starting rotation but there’s little doubt that Eduardo Nuñez represented a bit of a climb down from Duffy.

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